breakfast + lunch = brunch

I always put little more effort for my breakfast or brunch to start another refreshing day. The one reason that makes me wake up in the morning is because my stomach growls with extremely loud noises. And I CAN’T help myself. Among the three meal times, breakfast is the most important time for me because I know that my day won’t be properly going. If I don’t eat breakfast fully, my stomach cries throughout the whole day. I can’t properly focus and stay awake; therefore, eating breakfast is the most important thing to do before I start my day.

As an Asian, I usually eat rice for my meals. I love bread, muffins, etc., but I’ve been having a serious digestive problem for years, so I’m trying not to eat flour as much as before. Better breakfast makes my day better, so it usually takes about an hour or an hour & a half for me to finish my breakfast including prep time & meal time. It’s taking quite a while since I’m a kind of person who really enjoys eating time and I like to be focused in that moment. – doesn’t matter if I’m eating alone or with family and friends.

I would love to know about yours as well! Because I know that there are countless varieties of breakfast, and most of them are delicious I bet!


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