Me, Myself and I


Introducing myself to someone that I’m not close to is quite a burdensome must-do thing for me. It’s so hard to find the perfect words to describe myself and about my characteristics, but this time I want to try and break the wall down. First thing first, I’ll proceed with my background/root.

I have two sisters, one older one younger, and they’ve given the second biggest influence on me like a lot A LOT. We were all born in Seoul city and never left the city til now. I quite didn’t recognized about it, but we were significantly influenced by the city life. Anyway, these two sisters are more like friends to me now because even if we do all silly things and show some weirdness of each other, we don’t really care about those things and we’ll never judge. We laugh together, do crazy things together, keep same memories together, and I think this is the best part of having sistahzzz.

I’m such a lucky person because of my parents who are also known as my best friends, mentors and partner for life. They are like a boundless ocean to me. They’ve been my best friends from birth and they’ve given me another best friend, sisters. These people are probably taking 70 -75% part in my life. I became myself with their concerns, advice, encouragement and love, of course.

So, this is a brief background of me and I actually didn’t really plan to write this long, but it got pretty longer than I thought. I guess I’ll have to separate to some parts, so that I can get to introduce some more of me. I’ll be glad to know yours as well! Thanks for taking your time reading my story xx


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