Music On/Off

When the seasons change, my music playlists change as well. I enjoy rearranging my playlists since there are right kinds of music that perfectly match with the season & the mood or feeling of the season. So, it’s like an essential seasonal activity for me and I really listen to those playlists only. No doubt!

For winter season, I created three playlists – one for Christmas, one for everyday music and one for cozy chill out music. When I get stuck with new music, I literally listen to that song all day, non-stop. These are the music/artists that I’m into right now!


Jarryd James – 1000x (ft.Broods)

I listen to this music almost everyday. This has been my favorite for months and I’m never sick of it.



Sister-brother duooooo. I’m pretty sure one day they’ll be extremely famous with their music. I LOVE their music so much. For the first time in my life, I bought vinyl of them. Among their songs, I personally like “We had everything” and “Coattails” the most!

Troye Sivan


I first got to know him in Youtube and now he’s become a singer! Last summer, he came to Korea, and I can’t resist myself to go and hear him sing. His live performance featuring his dancing was amazing that I still remember that moment he showed up on the stage.



Her voice made me speechless. She also came to perform last summer, and her live performance was even better than her recorded ones. “Growing Pains,” “Lifted,” “People help the people,” “I’ll never forget you” and “wild horses” are my favorites.

Marc E. Bassy – Morning

I definitely listen to this song in the morning – my “morning” song.

The 1975

Their music, to me, is quite sensual and refined. I can’t wait to go and listen to their live music since I’ve got almost all of their songs in my playlist.


I’m really into their music right nawhhh. “Warm on a cold night,” “I can give you heaven” and “Someone that loves you” are my everyday must-listen to songs.



He’s a Korean artist, but you might like his music! Before he became a singer, he wrote songs,worked with various artists and finally he, himself, released an album. He’s famous with “D (half moon),” “I’m not sorry” and “what2do.”

So, these people are currently in my personal top favorite songs for now. My playlist will probably change when spring comes. I’ll be excited to know your fav. artists or songs during this time of year!





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